New portfolio website is ready to go!

by Glenn Matsumura on August 1, 2016 · 0 comments

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We’re excited to take the wraps off of our new portfolio website at

Have a look around!


Homepage of Glenn Mattsumura, Photographer portfolio website. All photographs copyright Glenn Matsumura, all rights reserved.

Homepage of Glenn Mattsumura, Photographer portfolio website.


Speed up your post production workflow

by Glenn Matsumura on November 15, 2011 · 0 comments

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Speed up your PhotoShelter workflow:
Do you use PhotoShelter for delivering and storing your files? Would you like to speed up your workflow?

Compress your files prior to uploading
It’s not documented on their website, but PhotoShelter does support uploading zip’d files. They will decompress the file once it reaches their servers. A 63 meg tif file can be zip’d down to 24 megs or less (your mileage may vary). This can really save you time and bandwidth.

Automate repetitive tasks
Photoshop actions: set up actions for common tasks like saving a tif copy, sharpening, save for web, etc.

Set up your ftp software to create uploading droplets. If your software supports it, consider saving completed files to “hot folders” for automated uploading.

Use specialized applications for specialized tasks
Renaming files: programs such as A Better File Rename can be used to speed up the task of renaming or modifying file names. Example: set up a droplet for removing the “_copy” from PhotoShop file copies.

If you’re on a mac, try setting up an Automator or AppleScript droplet to zip individual files. Here’s a site to get you started on scripting:

Good luck!


On Assignment: Alan Hebert, Scottish Games

January 7, 2011 Lighting
Alan Hebert, Scottish Games

Alan Hebert is a great ambassador for the Scottish Games. He’s currently ranked 11th in the North America’s Masters class. His love for the sport shows to anyone that meets him. I wanted to shoot both a portrait and some action photos of him throwing. Since I wanted to light the scene, I needed something […]

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New archive + stock photo library homepage

November 5, 2010 Announcement
Glenn Matsumura, Photographer - photo wall for archive+stock website.

My archive + stock photo library has a new homepage. It now features a fun photo wall of the most recently updated stock galleries. Click on each picture to see the entire gallery.   Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to liven things up!

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Named one of’s featured photographers – summer 2010

July 8, 2010 Announcement
Glenn Matsumura, Photographer - conceptual photography

Just named one of’s featured photographers – summer 2010 (conceptual photographers). Thanks and congratulations to the other photographers. buyer’s page PhotoShelter has worked out great for presenting and delivering client jobs, all with my corporate branding. The service also acts as an archive and front end for stock sales.

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Welcome iPhone+iPad viewers

May 7, 2010 Announcement
Glenn Matsumura, Photographer icon

I’m pleased to announce that my websites (portfolio, archive+stock, and blog) are now fully accessible on iPhones/iPads. For you super fans, you can even save my website as an app style button for your iPhone/iPad’s homepage. On the iPhone/iPad, visit my site: Click the “+” button on the bottom of the screen. Click the […]

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Beyond the court: Tara VanDerveer

March 27, 2010 On Assignment
Tara Vanderveer, Stanford women's basketball coach.

I had the opportunity to photograph Stanford women’s basketball coach Tara Vanderveer off the court. At her home in Menlo Park, California, she relaxed at her piano and outdoors with her dogs.

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Making things personal: Creative Faces

February 25, 2010 Creativity
Vivienne Flesher, Illustrator

In order to keep the creative mojo working, I like to photograph personal projects. It allows me to photograph subjects that mean something to me or to try out new techniques. This portrait of illustrator Vivienne Flesher was one of the many portraits I did over the years of the Western Art Director’s Club annual […]

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New Year, New Blog, New Website

February 7, 2010 Announcement
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Welcome. It’s a new year, so I’m starting things off with a new blog, website, and archive/stock photo library. Have a look around, click some buttons, and check things out. Let me know what you think.

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