Speed up your post production workflow

Speed up your PhotoShelter workflow:
Do you use PhotoShelter for delivering and storing your files? Would you like to speed up your workflow?

Compress your files prior to uploading
It’s not documented on their website, but PhotoShelter does support uploading zip’d files. They will decompress the file once it reaches their servers. A 63 meg tif file can be zip’d down to 24 megs or less (your mileage may vary). This can really save you time and bandwidth.

Automate repetitive tasks
Photoshop actions: set up actions for common tasks like saving a tif copy, sharpening, save for web, etc.

Set up your ftp software to create uploading droplets. If your software supports it, consider saving completed files to “hot folders” for automated uploading.

Use specialized applications for specialized tasks
Renaming files: programs such as A Better File Rename can be used to speed up the task of renaming or modifying file names. Example: set up a droplet for removing the “_copy” from PhotoShop file copies.

If you’re on a mac, try setting up an Automator or AppleScript droplet to zip individual files. Here’s a site to get you started on scripting: Automatorworld.com

Good luck!

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