Named one of’s featured photographers – summer 2010

Issues + Concpets work.
Issues + Concepts work.

Just named one of’s featured photographers – summer 2010 (conceptual photographers). Thanks and congratulations to the other photographers. buyer’s page

PhotoShelter has worked out great for presenting and delivering client jobs, all with my corporate branding. The service also acts as an archive and front end for stock sales.

Welcome iPhone+iPad viewers

My website as an iPhone
My website as an iPhone

I’m pleased to announce that my websites (portfolio, archive+stock, and blog) are now fully accessible on iPhones/iPads.

For you super fans, you can even save my website as an app style button for your iPhone/iPad’s homepage.

On the iPhone/iPad, visit my site: Click the “+” button on the bottom of the screen. Click the “Add to homepage” button to create an “app” style button. Now my website is only a click away!

If you’d like to convert your own website to an iPhone button, here’s how:

How to create an iPhone “app” style button of your site:

How to save a website as an iPhone button:

New Year, New Blog, New Website

Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO
Photographed at the Netflix headquarters.

Welcome. It’s a new year, so I’m starting things off with a new blog, website, and archive/stock photo library. Have a look around, click some buttons, and check things out. Let me know what you think.